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About Us

Scott & Emily

Hey!  We're Emily and Scott!


We live on a little land in a lovely 1896 homestead in Tasmania, with our beautiful children and all the furry animals.


We consider ourselves loving, happy, silly, and fun people who enjoy laughing, and being playful with each other.


We absolutely love what we do, every day we love working together side by side in the office seeing all our couples’ happy faces, or out capturing them at a wedding.


Emily enjoys painting, crafts, singing old songs, and cooking up delicious meals for the family. Emily’s an amazing artist and with her incredible painting skills is also incredible with the camera, seeing things in a unique way that leaves Scott jaw dropped.

Scott loves so much about life, it’d be a really long list! He loves technology, cars, motorbikes, driving, travelling, dancing around like a crazy man, and so much more…

But most of all he loves his Emily and is very proud of his family.


Even after all these years, we’re still excited every time someone reaches out to us. We absolutely love meeting our couples and supporting them throughout the process planning their weddings, then capturing them on the day.


We always feel privileged and honoured to be apart of our couples wedding day, as such we are proud to provide a very personalised service, tailored to you both and anything you need.


We look forward to hearing from you! ❤️

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