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Packages Details & Breakdown

​We understand our packages are a little different.

Through our years of expertise we have found more flexible packages over fixed hourly coverage (such as 6, 8 and 10 hours) allows us to capture every cherished moment and focus on your story rather than the clock.

In our experience very few weddings run to schedule, in allowing a degree of flexibility we remove the stress and pressure to fit everything in within a set timeframe.

Here we explain what is included when we refer to "getting ready" and "reception coverage".

Getting Ready

Chapter 1 - Getting Ready

The "getting ready"  part of the day is as it sounds, where you and or your partner are getting ready in the morning (or afternoon). 

As storytellers, including this in your day​ is as important to us as the first chapter in a book. We can make this part of the day as brief, or as large as needed, we work in with each couple and their needs.

We plan and chat with each couple about their day, their plans and work to ensure everything fits in nicely. In doing this we work out when is best for us to start, to ensure we capture all the getting ready elements without unnecessarily being in everyone's way.

What does this coverage consist of?

Mornings typically consist of hair artists, make up artists, parents, friends and the bridal party coming and going. They can be busy with people and activity.

With our experience comes an understanding of what we need to capture, and when without adding to the bustling of activity with everyone around.

We arrive typically 70%-80% of the way through this part of the day, with plenty of time to capture:

·       Dress/outfits

·       Jewellery and personal things

·       Flowers, boutonnieres & bouquets

·       Hair

·       Make up

·       The venue/location itself

·       The people there with you. For example mum and your bridal party.

This typically equates to 1-2 hours on average, depending on your individual plans.

The Ceremony

Chapter 2 - The Ceremony

The most important part of the day, and quite often the most special.

What does this coverage consist of?

The ceremony coverage typically includes:

  • Arriving at the ceremony

  • The ceremony details and the venue/area

  • The guests and family members

  • The ceremony itself

  • A group and then family portraits

  • Bridal party portraits

  • Couple portraits

The Reception

Chapter 3 - The Reception

We finally make it to the fun part of the day, where anything can happen! It's time for the speeches, dancing, sunset photos, and not to mention the cake!

What does this coverage consist of?

Reception coverage simply put begins from when you enter the reception as a couple.

The reception typically includes:

  • Reception Entrance (Bridal Party)

  • Cake Cutting

  • Speeches (timing dependant but we can usually work it in together)

  • Reception Details

  • Guests mingling, laughing, and having fun

  • The first dance

We always work with our couples to maximise our coverage at the reception. We also ensure we are able to capture everything important to you.

Sometimes parts of the reception will happen later in the evening, after our time with you. For example the cake cutting, first dance etc.

In this instance we plan and organise a mock cake cutting and or first dance. From the perspective of photos or a video there is no difference to being the real thing.

Quite often our couples prefer this as they can have a private or practice run with us first.

While this is the part of the day where we typically finish up, we won't, unless we have captured everything we need. If we are running overtime, we'll simply have a chat with you and make a plan - easy!

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